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Sales Analyser

Sales Analyzer Web application is a sales tracking tool used by pharmaceutical companies.

It keeps track of the Customers (Pharmacies, Hospitals, etc.) Sales by uploading Sales files that comes from the Distributors and analyzing them. It also defines Targets for Products in the different locations and compares the salesman actual sales with the defined Target using the relation between salesmen, products and locations. So, we can track the achievement per seals force. Sales Analyzer contains many reports and a strong Dashboard that has many graphs for sales reviewing and comparisons.

Discover My Location

Discover My Location is a powerful platform for car tracking; it supports most of the GPS car tracking devices like Teltonika, GPS Tracker and more.

Discover My Location is a cloud solution that can be accessed from any device with a web browser, as well as through Android and iOS applications. With three level of user, access rights, many reports and powerful charts, Discover My Location gives you full control over your cars with 24/7 support that helps you analyze and fix an issues you have immediately once you ask for help.
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Perfect Monitor

Perfect Monitor is a hardware control application, that is used to control the temperature of mega warehouses by using six temperature sensors distributed all over the warehouse and connected to a cloud software.

The cloud software keeps you updated with the temperature of your warehouses using a smart mobile application with a push notification alarm in case of temperature error.
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Appzakhana enables customers to respond faster to changing market dynamics, by providing quick online access to timely delivery of prescription drugs, OTC medicines, healthcare products and more via an online platform.

Appzakhana is a mobile(android/ios) app that offers a wide range of products and services including on-demand safe medicine ordering with online advice to our clients.

Pick & Pack

Imagine if you can implement the best way of receiving your products and arranging it in the warehouse so that it can be collected according to orders also in the fastest way with no human errors.

It is the key part of supply chain, mainly aims to control the movement and storage of materials within the warehouse, including receiving, shipping, put away and picking.

El Sultan Ayub

Order your favorite meals easily through a mobile application, keep your history for your future orders and view any new offers.
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Alia Bookstore

Dedicated to restore reading habits in children’s lives all over the world, we offer high quality interactive Arabic books.

With MS-Design complete solution we are able to reach children online through mobile solutions that made us available for all.
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Ordaratkom is an easy, powerful and unique framework created to make your life easier.

Using Ordaratkom will save you time and money, it will move your business to a new level of digital marketing.

With Ordaratkom framework, you can publish your food menu as a mobile application where your customers can place their orders, and you can manage them using a powerful web portal.
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