Frequently Asked Questions

What does MS-Design do?

We design, build, deploy and maintain innovative custom software that gives our clients the opportunity to start, run and grow world class businesses.

How to start a project?

By clicking on Contact Us you are a client of MS-Design. This is the easiest way to let our team provide you with the best solutions; by giving all the required data we will help you to solve your problem.

How to manage the project?

A professional project manager will be in charge during the software development phase and then he will be giving you daily updates based on the live data from your dashboard.

Why a custom software development?

As more companies realize that not all software systems are created the same, therefore the demand on custom development increased.
Building customized software helps clients differentiate their offerings and services to compete with other industries.

What to know before contacting you?

The most important thing is to set a Goal! What is the application for?
Having a clear vision for your requirements will make things easier.

How to guarantee product quality?

The result is evaluated every two weeks by testing what we have offered you from service.
And accordingly you rest assured that you get what you paid for.

Why choose you and not hire my own software development team?

Hiring your own software developer is a smart choice, but the recruitment process is time consuming as well as its high cost.
You will probably need to employ your own software engineers sooner or later but hiring us can help you save money and time.

What happens after you finish my app?

By providing you with all the technical support and app maintenance, we will make your application come to life!
You are more than welcome to maintain the app as all the technical data will be at your disposal.
However, feel free to contact us whenever you needed help.

Which is better, Mobile app or Web app?

Both have cons and pros. Mobile apps are more expensive but provide you with more data collecting and monetization capabilities than Web applications.


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